Need an electrician to fix wall points

Posted 1 year ago by Blair


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Thu, 21st Mar 2019


Papakura, Auckland


I've got a dual wall socket in which only one outlet puts out power. The switch on the faulty outlet is also a bit damaged and won't stay on.

I need it replaced - make an offer and detail what service you would provide.

Will add a photo soon.


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Am a electricain, can fix that

1 year ago by Riyas

I am a registered electrician and i can fix asap

1 year ago by Jeremy


Hi there, if you would like a breakdown of cost please let us know, Kind regards - Nikolas - *********************

1 year ago by Nikolas

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Have you got a pic of the socket. Thanx Tony

1 year ago by Tony


Hey, no sorry, it's in a rental property so can't get one at the moment. It's a dual socket with a switch for each outlet

1 year ago by Blair

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